Monday, May 24, 2010

Mission San Juan Bautista

Mission San Juan Bautista, founded in 1797, was the first of several missions my friends and I visited on a "mission trip" up the California coast in March. It is the largest of the twenty-one missions in California.

The first thing that struck me upon walking inside was the multitude and intensity of the colors, and second, how nicely the colors all blended together.

Mission San Juan Bautista interior

The main altar at the front of the church holds statues of six saints, with patron saint San Juan Bautista (John the Baptist) in the center.

The colors, arches, and columns combined to make beautiful patterns.

I always love the glow of the candles in the dim light.

We spent a lot of time wandering through the mission museum, with its exhibits and re-created rooms. Imagine copying books and books of music by hand! The lines were incredibly straight.

Mission San Juan Bautista music

The mission museum displays included music books, maps, tools, and vestments.

Outside was a small graveyard, with a view of the backside of the bell tower.

Mission San Juan Bautista bell tower

The mission and parts of the bell tower were used in the 1958 Hitchcock film Vertigo.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Columbia Memorial Space Center

Today, my daughter and I visited the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey. We had a great time with the interactive exhibits.

Columbia Memorial Space Center
I love these collage pictures made up of individual photos. The photo below shows the detail area of the shuttle rudder. I think they've cheated in some places by changing the picture coloration instead of finding photos that actually change from light to dark.

Columbia Memorial Space Center

At this exhibit, you could launch paper airplanes. The goal was to fly the plane through a hoop about 10 feet away.

Columbia Memorial Space Center

Columbia Memorial Space Center

Columbia Memorial Space CenterHere, you could see how much you would weigh on other planets.
Mercury — good! Jupiter — bad!

Columbia Memorial Space CenterHere, you could land the space shuttle. It was not pretty! :-(

Columbia Memorial Space CenterAt this exhibit, you could use the yoke, the rudder, and the throttle to take off, turn, and land this plane.

Monday, May 10, 2010

St. Steven's


St. Steven's is a Serbian Orthodox Cathedral located in Monterey Park. We found it by accident, so when we visited it was not open. It was sad not to see inside, but I was impressed by the beauty of the exterior. Built in 1946, the building is a work of art.

IMG_3632 IMG_3622 IMG_3605